Launch Creader VIII VS CRP129 – H2H comparison and review

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The Launch has dominated the OBD2 scanners market with multiple product releases. The CRP129 is one of the best offerings from the brand.

Here we will compare the two premium code readers from the same manufacturer, the Creader VIII, and its notorious flagship CRP129.

Let’s compare the two and find out which one is a better investment.

Check Price
Check Price
LifespanShorterSlightly longer
Vehicle compatibility40 car brands43 car brands
10 basic OBD2 modesyesyes
Read Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS codeyesyes
EPB/SAS/Oil Resetyesyes


With so many code readers on the market, the competition affects the price of the products. 

These two premium OBD2 scanners are priced similarly.

However, since the two devices are from the same brand, you may find one or the other at discounted prices. Launch uses this marketing tactic to promote either of their products at different intervals.

It’s best to search the internet before purchasing any of these code readers. You might find one at a discounted price, something to consider for those on a tight budget!


Although these products come with a one-year warranty, it can be hard to estimate their lifespan.

Code readers generally last long, especially if they are premium OBD2 scanners like these two. But in the end, it depends on how you use and maintain your devices.

The difference is that the Creader VIII is sold directly from China while the CRP129 is marketed in the USA.

Personally, I prefer getting products marketed in the USA as I’ve generally had a good experience using them.

Vehicle compatibility

Both the code readers offer good compatibility with more car brands than their basic OBD2 scanners lineup. Check the table below to find out which car brands are compatible with these devices.

Although the two can work on many different vehicles, the CRP129 offers compatibility with more car brands like:

  • Ford (Australia)
  • Holden (Australia)

If you own any vehicles from these car manufacturers with the Creader VIII, you’re out of luck.

Note: Before purchasing any device, contact customer support to find out if the code reader is compatible with your vehicle. 

Launch Creader VIII VS CRP129 – what both of them can do

These two code readers from Launch are similar products and offer slightly more features than their basic product lineup.

10 basic OBD2 modes

As with all code readers, these two devices are capable of 10 basic OBD2 modes that include:

  1. Live data graph
  2. Freeze frame
  3. I/M readiness
  4. O2 sensor tests
  5. And more

Read Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS code

Both the OBD2 scanners are capable of reading fault codes on the following systems:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Anti-lock braking
  • Supplemental restraint system

Unlike basic code readers that offer simple CEL diagnostics, car owners can get much more comprehensive diagnostic capabilities with these two.

EPB SAS Oil Reset

These two code readers also offer functionalities that reset the values on some components. It is essential to reset the values after changing the parts.

They can help car owners with:

  • EPB (Electric park brake) reset 
  • SAS (Steering angle sensors) reset
  • Oil reset

Conclusion: Which one should you buy

Launch CRP129

Launch CRP129

Since the two devices offer similar functionalities, which one is the best buy for you?

Launch Creader VIII is shipped directly from China to the United States, unlike its counterpart CRP129. That’s something you should consider.

These code readers are popular, especially the CRP129, and have a lot of Chinese knockoffs made. If you’re not careful, you might end up buying one of those knockoff products rather than the original. 

It is best to deal with a trusted US distributor to avoid such scams. The Launch CRP129 is the product among the two that is marketed in the US.

The CRP129 offers a much better lifespan and good compatibility. It is a no-brainer and a fantastic long-term investment for car owners.

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