Autel AL319 vs Ancel AD310 – H2H comparison and review

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Looking to find out which one is the right product for you, the Autel AL319 or the AD310?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s get straight into it as we compare the Autel AL319 against the Ancel AD310.

Below is a quick comparison chart that you can go through before we head into the details.

 Autel AL319
Autel AL319
Check Price
Ancel AD310
Ancel AD310
Check Price
Read OBD2 codesyesyes
Delete codesyesyes
Freeze frameyesyes
I/M readinessyesyes
Average life span10 months8.3 months
ScreenTFT color
220x176 pixel
Classic black and white
128 x 64 pixel

What can both AL319 and AD310 do?

Read & Erase generic OBD2 codes

The AL319 and AD310 can read and erase generic OBD2 codes. Car owners can read engine fault codes and diagnose the problem with their vehicles.

Live data & Freeze frame

Reading codes can only tell you where the fault lies. Looking at detailed data, car owners can accurately diagnose the exact problem.

Live data is a feature present in both these code readers and accesses the power control module. 

It shows real-time data of your vehicle for:

  • Fuel trim
  • O2 sensor voltage
  • Coolant temp
  • And much more

Freeze frame is a great feature that works well with live data. It saves time by taking a snapshot of the live data when a faulty code is triggered.

Both these devices come equipped with freeze frame function.

I/M readiness

The Inspection and Maintenance readiness is a cool feature that checks your vehicle emissions. This feature can be used by car owners to run onboard emissions diagnostics.

You can not legally drive if your vehicle’s emissions are over the maximum threshold. Having the I/M readiness can help determine just that. 

Note: This test is not a guarantee that you will pass the emission test to legally drive around the country. If you fail I/M readiness, you will fail the emission test but if you clear the I/M readiness, you may have a higher chance of clearing the emission test. 

Retrieve vehicle information

Having vehicle information with you is just as important as maintaining the car’s original documents.

Both these code readers can retrieve vehicle information like vehicle identification number, calibration ID, and calibration verify number.

This information is useful for second-hand car buyers as it lets them know the specs of the vehicle. 

AL319 vs. AD310 – What’s the real difference?

Although both of these offer similar features, they do have their differences when it comes to:

  1. Screen size
  2. Price
  3. Expected life span


The AL319 boasts a TFT color screen with 220×176 pixels. The screen is bright allowing car owners to use the device in low light settings. 

The AD310 has a much smaller but classic black and white screen with 128 x 64 pixels. However, it does come with a backlight meaning you won’t find reading from it difficult in dark or dimly lit places.

Although you get a large bright color screen with AL319, the AD310 sacrifices screen size for compatibility. Its dimensions make it smaller than the AL319.


The pricing might seem like a deal breaker to many since the AL319 is around $10 more expensive than the AD310.

With a larger screen and bright colored display, the relatively expensive price tag is something you might consider.

Expected life span

It’s very difficult to put a life span on a product as its longevity can vary depending on many factors. 

Here we will consider two things when calculating the lifespan of these products.

  • My personal experience
  • Amazon reviews

After dissecting detailed amazon reviews, I added my personal experience into the mix. I ran the numbers and these are the estimated life span on these products that I got.

  • AL319 – 8.4 months
  • AD310 – 10 months

However, these are just estimates and may last longer depending on how you maintain the device.

Conclusion – Which one to buy?

There is no need to purchase both these devices together as they have similar functionality but slightly different features. 

So, which one should you buy?

Autel AL319 – A better option

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Autel AL319

I would recommend investing in the AL319 even though it is slightly more expensive than the AD310. However, paying a few bucks extra can get you a larger screen real estate, and a colored display.

The AL319 is user-friendly and requires a single push of a button to check I/M readiness and other features. The device is easy to navigate making it a great option for newbies.

Be sure to purchase the original AL319 as there are a few knockoffs on the market!

Ancel AD310 – If you are a classic guy

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Ancel AD310

The AD310 offers basic features which is not a bad thing. It does what a car owner would like it to do, read generic codes. If you’re looking for a device that can read more than just faulty engine codes, look elsewhere. 

Although the device may seem lacking in features (black and white screen), its performance is on par with the AL319. It is fast, durable, and compact. The lower pricing works well in its favor and is a great option for those looking for simplicity. 

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