LAUNCH CR529 VS CR629 – H2H comparison and review

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A good OBD2 code reader can help car owners save time and money. 

Here we have the Launch CR529 and the Launch CR629, two high-quality OBD2 scanners on the market from Launch.

Let’s compare the two and see which one is the most bang for the buck for you. 

So let’s get into it!

 Launch CR529
Launch CR529
Check Price
Launch CR629
Launch CR629
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Read engine fault codesyesyes
Read ABS/SRS fault codesnoyes
Live data & Freeze frameyesyes
I/M readinessyesyes
O2 sensor testyesyes
Retrieve vehicle informationyesyes
Oil/SAS/BMS Reset noyes

Engine diagnosis – What both of them can do

The Launch CR529 and the CR629 both can perform ten basic OBD2 modes. Here are the five most important features for engine diagnosis.

Read & clear engine fault codes

Both the car scanners can read engine fault codes which help diagnose CEL issues. 

The devices are capable of reading:

  • Generic codes
  • Manufacturer-specific codes
  • Pending codes

The devices come with a DTC database allowing users to view a detailed definition of the fault codes.

These code readers can also clear engine fault codes as well. Once the devices have read a code, users can erase it to disable or reset their CEL.

Note: Erasing codes does NOT fix the problem, just temporarily hides the CEL. You would need to read the codes, fix the problems, and then delete them.

Live data & Freeze frame

Reading codes can tell you the general area where the problem lies. Having live data that shows vehicle stats can help narrow down on what might be causing the issue.

As these devices start to display live data, freeze frame allows it to capture a snapshot of the live information when a fault code is triggered. 

I/M readiness

Inspection and monitor readiness is a feature that helps check the emissions system of the vehicle. It’s a test to determine whether your car is ready for the State emissions check.

O2 sensor test

A vehicle’s O2 sensors must be working fine to pass the smog test. Faulty O2 sensors are the leading cause of emission test failures. 

The O2 sensor test helps determine if the O2 sensors are working fine or require a replacement.

Retrieve vehicle information

Both the OBD2 scanners can read and retrieve:

  • VIN (Vehicle identification number)
  • CID (Calibration ID)
  • CVN (Calibration verification number)

What CR629 does but CR529 doesn’t

Launch CR629 is a more advanced code reader. It has more features than the CR529. 

Let’s look at what the CR629 has to offer.

Read ABS/SRS fault codes

The SRS warning light or the Supplemental Restraint System is related to the airbag system in a vehicle. An illuminated SRS warning light lets car owners know that there is an issue with the airbag system.

On the other hand, an illuminated ABS or anti-lock braking system means that the ABS is now inactive.

Launch CR629 is not only capable of reading faulty engine codes but can also read ABS and SRS fault codes.

Oil/SAS/BMS Reset 

Replacing steering system parts in a vehicle requires the steering angle sensor or SAS to be reset. Some modern cars can automatically do that with their self-calibration feature. 

However, if your vehicle can not reset its SAS on its own, the Launch CR629 can help you with that. 

The same applies to oil and the BMS (battery monitor system). After changing the oil or battery, your vehicle needs to reset the old parameters. Failing to do so, it will treat the replacement as old oil or an aged battery.

Launch CR629 can help in resetting both the oil and BMS.

Conclusion: which one is worth your money

The main question for which most of you are here – Is it worth your money?

Although the two devices are code readers and share similar features, they cater to different target audiences. 

LAUNCH CR529 – Affordable option for engine diagnosis

Launch CR529

Launch CR529

Launch CR529 is a cost-effective code reader and can cost between $45 to $55. It is the most affordable option among the two for engine diagnosis.

The CR529 has a compact design with a 2.9-inch LCD screen and weighs 1.15 pounds. It is a user-friendly device with large buttons for easy navigation and a shortcut key to access I/M readiness.

The additional features that the CR529 is capable of are graphical data, Evap test, and onboard monitoring. The device can work on any OBD2 compliant vehicle model 1996 and newer. It comes in 7 different languages that include English, French, Russian, Japanese, and more. 

It is capable of generating diagnostic reports that can be sent via email and printed. The report helps users avoid blind maintenance, saving time and money.

The CR529 comes with a 5-year warranty, applicable from the date of purchase. The manufacturer also provides a free lifetime update which is fantastic for a code reader in this price range. 

Launch CR529 is a great OBD2 code reader for beginners that gets the job done and won’t break the bank.

LAUNCH CR629 – More money, more features

Launch CR629

Launch CR629

The Launch CR629 can perform more features like reading ABS/SRS codes or resetting the Oil/SAS/BMS, unlike the CR529. However, these features come at a price tag. The CR629 is around $50 to $60 more expensive than the CR529.

The CR629 is a slightly larger device than the CR529 and weighs 1.83 pounds. It is because of the larger 3.5-inch color LCD screen. As a mechanic, I don’t feel that weight is a big concern as I’m always on the lookout for features that I can use to make my work easy. 

CR629 works on more than 42 different car brands model 1996 or newer worldwide. The device supports more languages than the CR529, Italian being the additional language.

The brand is looking to increase its compatibility with other vehicles through future software updates. The device is also capable of performing an active test but this feature is only limited to Fiat, Romeo, Saab, Holden, and Ford. 

The CR629 comes with a similar 5-year warranty and free lifetime software updates from the manufacturer. 

Launch CR629 is a fantastic code reader for advanced users and mechanics. At this price point, it is a great buy for those big on car repair DIY.

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