Autophix 3210 VS Bluedriver – H2H comparison and review

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There are so many code readers on the market catering to different needs. 

Here we will be looking at Autophix 3210 and Bluedriver to see which one is best for you.

I’ve already tested the Bluedriver against the OBDeleven and Veepeak (you can check the link below.)

Now, let’s see how Autophix 3210 compares against the Bluedriver.

 Autophix 3210
Autophix 3210
Check Price
Check Price
Compatible appOBDmateBluedriver
Read & clear engine fault codeyesyes
Advanced diagnosis for other modulesnoyes
Live data & Freeze frameyesyes
I/M readinessyesyes
O2 sensor testyesyes
Retrieve vehicle informationyesyes
Mode 6noyes
Live data graphnoyes
Warranty3 years1 year

Price and lifespan

The Autophix 3210 is a bargain code reader priced between $35 to $45. On the other hand, Bluedriver is around $50 to $60 more expensive than the Autophix 3210. 

Although the Bluedriver is more expensive than Autophix, does it last longer?

Autophix 3210 does offer a 3-year warranty while on the other hand, Bluedriver offers just one year. However, from my experience and what my clients tell me, the latter lasts longer.

Compatible apps: OBDmate VS Bluedriver

Unlike other code readers and others that work with third-party apps, these two devices only work with their own apps

OBDmate is a very user-friendly app that works well with Autophix 3210. The app has large easy to understand icons helping beginners easily navigate.

The custom dashboard is great for monitoring your vehicle’s stats and has access to different diagnosis reports. However, these are not so detailed and may present readability issues for newbies.

The connectivity with the app is not so good. With the latest update, the app tends to crash more often and takes time to connect with your vehicle. It even disconnects if you get a call on your phone during diagnosis, erasing any data captured earlier.

On the other hand, the Bluedriver app shines through. It has an advanced dashboard with tables and graphs to make data more digestible for users. 

The app is quick to run the fault codes against its database to present fixes without any hiccups. The information and fixes are detailed enough for all sorts of users to understand and resolve.

It also does not have any connectivity issues but if you run into any, don’t worry. Bluedriver app customer service is more active and helpful in resolving stability issues and bugs reported by users.

Engine diagnosis – What both tools can do

Read & clear engine fault code

Both the code readers are capable of reading engine fault codes and clearing them. 

Car owners can use these devices to diagnose the fault, fix it and then erase the engine fault code to deactivate the CEL.

Live data & Freeze frame

Bluedriver and Autophix both provide detailed vehicle stats and data. The data is in real-time and users can use the freeze frame feature on these devices to take a snapshot whenever a faulty code is triggered. 

I/M readiness

To legally drive in the US, you need to pass the State emissions test. The I/M readiness or inspection and maintenance readiness allow car owners to check their engine emissions system. It helps determine if your vehicle is ready to clear the State emissions test. 

O2 sensor test

O2 sensors play a role in emission tests by measuring the amount of oxygen in exhaust gases. This information is helpful for smog tests.

The O2 sensor test checks if the vehicle’s O2 sensors are working fine or require replacement.

Retrieve vehicle information 

Information like vehicle identification number, calibration ID, and a calibration verification number can easily be accessed using both these devices. 

This information is useful when looking to buy second-hand cars. 

What Bluedriver can do but Autophix 3210 can’t

Advanced diagnosis for other modules

Bluedriver is not just limited to reading engine fault codes but can also perform advanced diagnoses.

Car owners can use this device to read the following system’s fault codes:

  • ABS (Anti-lock braking system)
  • SRS (Supplemental restraint system – Airbags)
  • TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system)
  • Transmission
  • And more

Mode 6

Mode 6 is part of the advanced features offered by Bluedriver. 

Mode 6 refers to test results and system monitoring. It checks the vehicle’s parts to see if everything is in working order. 

Some of the components car owners can check with the Mode 6 are:

  • Catalytic convertor
  • O2 sensors
  • EVAP

Live data graph

Although both the code readers have live data, only Bluedriver offers a live data graph. A detailed graphical representation of vehicle data can help understand the trend. It also makes data easier to understand.

Conclusion – Which one you should buy

You’re all here to find out which one is better from the two, the Autophix 3210 or the Bluedriver?

Code readers have similar functionalities but different features catering to the needs of various car owners. 

The same applies to these two devices, so which one is the best for you?

Autophix 3210 – Affordable option to fix your CEL

Autophix 3210

Autophix 3210

The Autophix 3210 is a great affordable OBD2 scan tool for those looking to get basic functionalities out of their device. 

It has a fault code lookup library that users can access and a built-in Google search button. It even comes with a nifty battery health check feature allowing users to check their car’s battery health. You won’t find this in many OBD2 scanners. 

The best part about Autophix 3210 is that it works on more vehicles than other scanners. The device works well with all cars and light trucks in the US model 1990 and newer (however, you still need to contact their customer services to check your vehicle compatibility.) It even comes with nine different language options, but since you are reading this article in English, I don’t think those additional languages are important.

The company also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 24 hours after-sales service. 

Bluedriver – Worthy long term investment

Bluedriver is a step above the basic code readers as it has more advanced features allowing car owners to go beyond reading engine fault codes. 

Users can access different modules, analyze engine operation, perform emissions tests, track maintenance, and more. Although the Bluedriver is a more expensive option, with so many additional advanced features, car owners can save a lot of money in the future using the device. 

The app is fantastic and the user interface makes the device easier to use and understand.

My personal experience with the device has been fantastic. Whenever I’ve used the device, it gets the job done. 

If you’re the kind of a person that is into car DIY then it is definitely something you should consider. Investing in Bluedriver can help you save money and time in the long run. This scanner is also durable and gets regular free updates from the company.

Check your vehicle compatibility with Bluedriver

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