FIXD vs. BlueDriver [Detailed review with comparison]

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What if I tell you that as a smartphone user that you can run the diagnostics of your car comfortably with your smartphone? We are not kidding. With FIXD app or BlueDriver app, you can run proper professional diagnostics of your car without visiting the auto center

We will put through the differences between these two Apps and how to make the best out of it. These apps are currently topping the list of best OBDII Apps in the world. It is a must-have for all car users.


FIXD is a global player trusted by millions of car owners and auto-mechanics, which supports both Android and Apple OS users.

BlueDriver is an auto-mechanic breakthrough and is recommended for everyone and even auto-mechanic service providers. It is available for both Android and Apple OS users.

FIXD vs. BlueDriver: Comparison table

Best Compatible AdaptersBlueDriver Bluetooth Pro
BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro
Check Price
FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth
FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth
Check Price
Customer Rating
Features and FunctionsYou can use BlueDriver in accessing real-time airbag alerts.FIXD give a full engine surveillance report. The technology design alerts you when the need to change engine oil draws near.
Supported ProtocolsSupports English only.Supports English and 5 other languages.
Supported Vehicles Models/MakesSupports only selected vehicles mainly early models.Supports all brands of vehicles made before 1996.
Apps, Software, and UpdatesDoes not select devices that much.Highly selective of device.
Price, Extra fee, In-App FeeFree subscription for all users.Paid subscription and In-App purchases.

FIXD vs. BlueDriver: Detailed comparison

Key things in common

You might have stumbled into this post while searching for the differences between BlueDriver and FIXD. Our tech editors have come up with a list of differences and similarities which we believe will aid your choice of device.

  • Both are used for auto-diagnostics
  • Supports both Android and IOS devices.
  • Collectively makes use of Bluetooth technology.

Key differences


No need to search for software with BlueDriver
Features and function
  • Users can share and print vehicle diagnostics report
  • Gives notification on the due date for maintenance
  • BlueDriver is among the best OBDII Apps you can use in accessing realtime airbag alerts.
  • It provides information in plain non-technical languages.
  • All the information displayed can be retrieved.
  • Considered one of the best automotive apps with the best Bluetooth technology.
  • Real-time updates on the latest and best industry automobile practices.
  • You will also be marveled to know that this automotive app does not just detect hazards but also profers solutions.
Supported protocols
  • It runs on both Android devices and IOS.
  • Your device is however expected to however be on 6.0 operating version for Android and iOS 9.0 or later.
  • The file size is 53MB for Android and 15.7MB for iOS.
Supported vehicles models/makes
  • Among the wide range of car models, BlueDriver supports are 2005 Models of Mercedes, GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Mazda, and Mercedes
  • Mitsubishi most precisely 2008 Model and most recent ones.
  • 2012 Models of Hyundai and Kia and the most recent models.
  • All models of Volkswagen [Audi], BMW [Mini], and Honda [Acura].
  • Subaru car models in the United States.
Apps, software, and updates
  • Currently, the most recent version is version 7.3.4 which is expected to be updated with time.
  • It currently has 500,000 + installations as demand keeps rising.
Price, extra fee, in-app fee
  • BlueDriver is free to use an automotive app.
  • The in-app purchase fee comes down to the country of residence.
Pros and cons


  • User-friendly interface with super screen quality display.
  • Easy to use and less technical for a newcomer.
  • One fascinating function users like about it is that it gives real-time reports on vehicle conditions.
  • Saves you automobile consultation costs.
  • It provides an estimate of the amount you are most likely to spend on maintenance and repairs.
  • Free to download with no ads disturbance in-app.


  • Users complain a lot about the customer support system.
  • It does not support all iOS devices.
  • Older car models are left out as it does not support older models.
  • The ABS transmission is not supported in all cars.

Don’t get bored yet we are yet to give you a full rundown of BlueDriver counterpart FIXD. From the above details, you will agree with us that BlueDriver is definitely one of the best ODII apps in the market now. Below are details of FIXD every intending user should get to know.


FIXD helps diagnose problem form your smartphone
Features and functions
  • FIXD gives a full engine surveillance report
  • Users enjoy stress-free notifications on how vehicle transmission is going.
  • If you are looking for an automotive app that gives a timely update on detected faults in your vehicle, FIXD is your sure bet.
  • The technology design alerts you when the need to change engine oil draws near.
  • What if we tell you that FIXD can also recommend suitable spare parts for your vehicle.
  • It displays vehicle diagnostics reports in a very simple understandable language.
Supported protocols
  • FIXD supports both android and iOS devices.
  • Support for iOS is for 12.4 while android is 5.0 and up.
  • Available in multi-languages Dutch, German, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Polish and Italian
Supported vehicles models/makes
  • The supported models and vehicles for FIXD cuts across many brands and models.
  • Currently, FIXD supports all vehicles and models manufactured on or before the year 1996. However, vehicles that run on Diesel must be those made on or before 2006 before FIXD can work on them.
Apps, software, and updates
  • The latest version for FIXD on android is version 7.5.0.
  • The file size for android stands at 58MB while iOS users have to create space of 85.2 MB to accommodate FIXD.
Price, extra fee, in-app fee
  • FIXD can be downloaded free.
  • To unlock premium services FIXD offers, you have to pay a subscription fee. Both Android and iOS users pay for the FIXD app subscription.
  • In-App purchases can be done either yearly or monthly.
Pros and cons


  • With the App, you do not need Engine warning light.
  • It automatically designs a maintenance timetable for your car.
  • There is little or no risk of your car breaking down because you are a step ahead with timely updates.
  • You can also set up a multi-user interface that can allow up to 5 members of the family access to the App services.
  • Supports trucks but must not exceed 14,500lbs of gross vehicle weight.
  • Places no restriction on car brands.
  • In-App purchase fee is not encouraging
  • FIXD is one of the best OBDII apps for lightweight truck owners.


  • You cannot get an airbag real-time update with it.
  • FIXD does not support the anti-lock braking, transmission.
  • Highly selective of devices and does not support Windows OS

Compatible adapters for BlueDriver and FIXD app

Having listed their uses it is important we also inform you about the importance of obtaining a compatible adapter for your newly downloaded FIXD and BlueDriver OBDII Apps.

BlueDriver – Professional scan tool for iOS and Android

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro
BlueDriver is a professional scan tool that can not only read and clear SRS codes but offer other functionalities as well.

Make no mistake of overlooking the importance of a compatible Adapter for your BlueDriver App. A lot of work was put together by a team of certified auto-mechanic engineers in the United States to come up with it. The reviews about it have been positive with many US car owners hailing the technology behind it.

The aim of the adapter is to create compatible hardware for the App. Therefore if you want to unlock the many functions of the BlueDriver App it is recommended you obtain compatible hardware.

Check Price at Amazon

FIXD – Professional code reader for iOS and Android

FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth
FIXD gives a full engine surveillance report

Designed by a team of professional auto-mechanic Engineers in the USA, FIXD code reader provides on-time and accurate analysis of the state of your vehicle.

The scan code reader for FIXD provides an easy to use DIY interface for users and goes further to stretch on to a convincing length of durability which is however subject to app updates and subscription renewals.

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BlueDriver: If you are not into the business of transportation or auto-mechanics and do not have money for In-App purchases and subscriptions. Then BlueDriver is best for you. DIY enthusiasts will have a filled day using BlueDriver. Young non-steady income earners are best with BlueDriver.

FIXD: Industry experts will tell you that FIXD is the most recommended for truck owners and auto-repair center owners due to how broad and multi-diverse it is. Cab hailing service providers will also enjoy the smooth running of business using FIXD.



❓ Do you only hook up to it when the check engine is on or it stays plugged in?

💡 The short answer is it does not matter. You can plug it in, use it, and unplug it when you finish your job. It does not need to stay plugged in to function unless you are using some of the additional live track features.

Will the device display “short term and long term” fuel trim data?

💡 Yes, for certain vehicles, short term and long term fuel trim data can be viewed under Live Data.

Does this support the Allison 1000 transmission? specifically 2005

💡 For cars and light trucks (i.e. SUVs, pickups, minivans, etc) sold in the U.S. and Canada, BlueDriver works with all makes & models that are 1996 or newer.

Outside of this, BlueDriver will work with any vehicle for which the user manual or the sticker in the engine bay indicates that it is OBD2-compliant. Enhanced diagnostics (including transmission) are currently only supported for Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Toyota vehicles.

All Apps come with full option functionality.


Has anybody bought this who already owned a code reader? Did it provide any additional useful info?

💡 It does provide more information, but it also requires a yearly subscription to get even more features! I didn’t expect that.

Does FIXD app work with an iPhone?

💡 The SmartPhone app (FREE download & no additional fees) works on Android or iOS (Apple iPhone) operating systems, but NOT on Windows-based devices at present.

Can FIXD clear trouble codes and reset the light?

💡 Yep! FIXD can clear diagnostic trouble codes and reset the light.

Bottom line

With all that we mentioned, we believe that you now have in mind which is more suitable for you, between BlueDriver and FIXD app. Nevertheless, you should always consider the way the application of these two scan tools matches all your needs before making the final decision. Good luck!

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